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Individual Services

Our best investment is always the relationship we create with our clients, friends and business partners. CMG believes that the key to maximizing goals lies not in maximizing returns, but in taking the time to carefully mitigate and manage risk.

Individual Investor Services

  • Retirement Planning
    • Using CMG Navigator, we create personalized investment strategies that are monitored, measured and modified throughout the years to help you achieve your long term financial goals.
  • Portfolio Management
    • Portfolio Management is a comprehensive review of your current investments. This process provides CMG insight into issues such as investment bias, asset class preference and commitment to active or passive management so we can effectively make recommendations appropriate for your personal needs.
  • In-depth Portfolio Analysis
    • Once your retirement planning strategy has been built and implemented, CMG will apply our all-inclusive approach to the ongoing analysis of the areas such as: goals, investment positions, portfolio manager screening, asset allocation, rebalancing, tax efficiency and retirement income projections to ensure your portfolio is achieving your overall objectives.
  • Estate and Tax Planning
    • CMG works closely with Estate Planning Attorneys, CPA’s and Tax Preparers so you have a cohesive team creating retirement, investment and estate plans designed to protect your money for the future.
  • Trust and Inheritance Management
    • With an expertise in inheritance issues and experience working directly with trust companies, CMG makes the process of passing wealth from one generation to the next as smooth as possible.
  • Life Insurance Analysis
    • With an extensive background in the life insurance industry and by working closely with our own life insurance specialist, CMG will analyze your situation and give you conflict free advice on your life insurance needs.
  • Lump Sum Settlements
    • CMG will guide clients through the distribution of lump sum settlements. Lump sums due to lawsuits, inheritance, divorce or pension distributions are most common and having a professional working side by side with you helps eliminate much of the stress and anxiety.
  • Severance Options Analysis
    • CMG will provide a comprehensive analysis of your severance package is helpful in navigating you through the separation process so you can make the most informed decision as possible.