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Business Services

CMG can provide the skills, information and discipline required to ensure that the fruits of your labor continue long into the future.

  • Employee Education

    CMG educates employees of companies, both large and small, on how to take full advantage of the benefits offered by their employer.

  • Qualified Plan Consultation

    CMG consults with companies on the structure and effectiveness of the retirement plans they offer their employees.

  • Group Benefits

    CMG will advise companies on the type, cost and appropriateness of group benefits they make available to their employees

  • Key Man Coverage

    CMG works with companies to develop a plan that protects their business against the unexpected loss of a key employee.

  • Buy Sell Agreements

    CMG works closely with businesses and attorneys to help create the legal agreements necessary to assure the business continues to operate as intended upon the death of an owner, and beneficiaries whom are not actively involved in the business to receive their portion of the inherited business in a cash buyout.

  • Business Continuation Planning

    Helping companies create a clear and specific plan which details how the business would continue to exist upon the death, separation or retirement of its current owners and/or executives.